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Got a Dialarc HF-p and have a few questions

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  • Got a Dialarc HF-p and have a few questions

    Hey there new here and really just beginner welder. I primarily weld around the farm but would love to get a lot better. Never tig welded before.

    So i picked up a old Dialarc awhile back. Machine looks to be in really good shape I just powered it up and burned a rod to verify it was working and it’s been sitting since. My main machine i use is a vantage 300. Unfortunately the injection pump is out in it and pretty extensive. So I’m going start using this machine until I can get that back up and going.

    So I have a few questions

    Can I plug my Miller 12vs mig box into this machine. I have found a little info about running a feeder box off this machine but there’s not much. Pretty sure it will work no issue. Sure duty cycle won’t be great. But wanted to ask someone that knows better then I do.

    The machine didn’t come with a cooler or pedal. I have never done any tig welding before. So I guess it will be a scratch start. Any suggestions for a beginner type setup. I feel like a foot pedal would be a much better setup. Looking into getting pedal and cooler.

    Going to dig the machine out tomorrow and get it set up I will post some pics. It’s in extremely good condition for a 1967

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    The pedals tend to be expensive because Miller is the only source and none of the aftermarket companies will/can make them. The one you need is an RFC-23A which has to with three prongs, and one with two. They tend to start around $400 on eBay. I've got a spare I'd let go for less than that...shoot me a PM if you're interested.