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Multiprocess Miller Dimension 452

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  • Multiprocess Miller Dimension 452

    I am currently trying to tig weld using my Miller dimension, and it welds fine if I don’t use the foot pedal. When I hook up the foot pedal it only acts as an on/off switch without controlling the amperage. Any advice or help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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    Check the front panel control switch labelled "Control" and make sure it is set to "Remote". This should allow you to have a "master/slave" control relationship with the remote foot pedal you are using. (see attached image for seeing the switch I am talking about)
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      Thank you. That may have been part of it but now it will turn on when I press the foot pedal but it stays at a lower amperage. Like it’s starting at the lower end of the scale but won’t go up. Could it be the foot pedal?


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        Have you tried turning that big knob in that panel to max?


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          That wasn’t the issue. I asked the mech that works next to my shop to borrow his multi meter and did a check of the wires. Open circuit across the potentiometer. I opened it up and found the common wire for the potentiometer folded in half. I’m fixing that now. I’ll post an update once I test it. Thank you


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            Got it working as intended. Thanks