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  • New Syncrowave 300

    Has anybody else looked at the specs on the new Syncrowave 300 and been a bit disappointed like me? Other than being smaller/lighter, needing a bit less power to run, and having a slightly better duty cycle, I don't see how this is a step up from the Syncrowave 250DX (admittedly, a machine I own and love).

    No pulse on AC, no multiple wave forms or adjustable frequency on AC....$7,500 for the TIGRunner setup ready to weld. At that point I don't see why most wouldn't just buy a Dynasty 280DX TIGRunner and have all the other features in a similar size machine for $1,500 more. Am I missing something?

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    I agree. 45% DC at 250A for the Sync 300 versus 40% DC at 250A for the Sync 250? Sounds like a rounding error (or something that could be fudged with a little creative math on the arc voltages) to me. Or a wash.

    If I was going to buy a disposable Chinese inverter, I'd buy a disposable Chinese inverter, not something badged by Miller with price tag to match.

    I love my transformer-based Sync 250 and 330A/BP, though!