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Millermatic 190 feed roller issues

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  • Millermatic 190 feed roller issues

    I have a Millermatic 190 autoset manufactured in 2014.the wire feed roller only jogs a small amount approximately 1/16 rotation when trigger is pulled, put spool gun on and same issues.
    trouble light flashes once .
    Any idea where to start no visual issues w/PC board or loose connections.
    seems to be arc but no feed
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    Over temp led blinks once is a gun trigger activated upon power up. remove gun trigger and power up if temp led blinks the problem is main control PC1 check trigger receptacle pin 1&2 you should have 15 volts DC without trigger activated and o volts with trigger puled. This is a good start without pulling off cover if the voltage does not check out. sorry to say main control PC is bad.


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      Thank you I will look at it tomorrow I really appreciate the input


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        I was able to look at it today I am getting 15 volts across two pins but still getting flashing light once. I can manually pull wire through the lead turn it back on and as soon as I get Spark , I will get Spark and wire will jog forward while you're feeding but it will not trigger just to feed. Ordu height Speed-Feed. I am fearing the worst in a bad circuit board any suggestions before I pull it