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Temp light blinking: "fan tach error"

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  • Temp light blinking: "fan tach error"

    Hi folks, I have a Miller 211 and this am tried to fire it up and the temp light started blinking five times, indicating a 'fan tach error' -- searched for a solution on line and came up empty. Anyone know what part I need to replace and where to get it?



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    Id start by looking in the manual, which you can download on this site if you don’t have one. Hen Id probably pull the tin off and have a look at the fan, maybe blow it out.


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      Manuals vary by serial number. The earliest manual doesn't have trouble codes in the troubleshooting section, that I could see in my very brief look. So start over, please, and tell us your serial number, as well as how you determined what the code meant.


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        Here's the page from the manual and a shot of the s/n. It has the fan on demand, I think I got it new in 2016 or so.


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          "Contact Nearest Factory Service Agent"

          I hate that. Really? They can't even give us a hint? We have a few guys here that have that knowledge, but an actual phone call to a Miller tech might be quicker. They can hopefully give you an idea of the problem over the phone.

          You can browse through the Support tab at the top of the page. Or you used to be able to get to a tech through the 1-800-4-A-MILLER number.


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            Rc7 pin 1&2 blk and red 24 volts dc power on pin3&4 yellow and blue 1.6 volts dc high speed .5 volts dc lowspeed.


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              Fan is running at less than 80% of command. Check for dirt daubers or obstructions.
              Is the input at full power?