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    Another newb asking about auto darken helmets. I see the Miller Elite, and similar models. Most get pretty good reviews. I also see things like the Miller Classic, for a lot cheaper.

    What's the downside? What am I giving up if I get the Classic?

    Thanks in advance . . .

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    Its all about window size. I think there are two sizes smaller than the elite, the classic and the hobbyist or something like that. FWIW, and I have had 4 different Elites, I think my current hood, the Digital Infinity beats the Elite out by a good margin.


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      Originally posted by walker View Post
      Its all about window size.
      Got it. Thanks!


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        Also the less expensive hoods may have fewer sensors, which is ok depending on how much welding you do. I had an older (pre-clearlight DE) and now a new one and like it a lot. Also have a pre-clearlight DI and although the viewing area is larger it is also heavier, which may not be an issue for some.

        Not sure about the Classic, but I really like the X mode in the DE and DI as I do mostly TIG welding
        West coast of Florida


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          Thanks. I don't do a huge amount of welding, but what I do is mostly TIG. Sounds like I'm better off with the higher end unit.

          Though I'm upgrading from an old Jackson fixed-darkness helmet with a small window. So any of these will be a big step up