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  • Miller Digital Elite

    I have an Miller Digital Elite Helmet and the Auto Darkening does not get as dark as it should . Batteries have been replaced . The Hood is about 5 years Old .

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    Have not experienced that problem with mine. Although I know mine is sensitive to the battery brand. Did you buy the replacement battery that came in a Miller package? I put just whatever battery I could find at the hardware store and they were too thin for some reason.


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      I don't have the newer "digital" model. I don't know what's different. But give us more information to better visualize your issue. How "not as dark" is the difference? Did this happen before or after you changed the batteries? What shade settings are available to you, and does it make a difference? Is there a "grind" feature?


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        Unfortunately its trash can time once that happens. I have gone through about 4 of the Elite hoods that did that. I am using a digital Infinity now. I guess I’ll see how long it lasts.