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  • Starfire 2E barn find

    Hi, I am a new member with a barn find Starfire 2E. It is a 1983 model with serial number JD725027.
    It came with the carb dismounted and a new "pulse type" fuel pump. I am cleaning the Walbro LMH carb and will order a kit for it.
    I hooked up a battery and have the engine turning over. I believe I have the dreaded solid state ignition module failure as I have cleaned all grounding areas and set the air gap, still no spark. I get voltage from the stator when it spinning the starter so I think it is ok.
    I was hoping some members here have had experience converting the Tecumseh OH120 to a more modern ignition as the modules are obsolete. On youtube I see how to convert to a GM HEI module, coil, and ABS type speed sensor. My big question is has anyone made this a successful and reliable conversion? I hate to put too much money in it to see if the generator/welder side even works...this has to run at 3600 RPM for full power.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Forgive me, I don’t know how to help you, my father has such a thing at home, but he hasn’t used it for a long time. I became interested to know the answer to your question


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      I have ordered the ignition parts for a conversion from Rock Auto. I also ordered a Walbro carb kit from ebay. I have decided to clean up the rotary switch and all the electrical connections while I am waiting for parts to arrive. Some pictures.........


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        Before and after pics of the rotary switch. I have ordered some no-ox-id grease to lubricate it.


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          Looks like a brand new part. Good job.


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            While I was cleaning all the big connectors on the welding side I discovered a burnt off wire from the capacitor to the bridge rectifier. The capacitor and rectifier check OK with an ohm meter so I repaired the wire and will monitor that.
            I got it running today with fabricated ignition system seen the photo. I used a proximity sensor to trigger a General Motors module and a standard 12 v coil.
            It runs, but won't rev up to speed. It is getting too much gas and I'm not sure if the timing is advancing. It made voltage on the generation and welder side and also charged the battery so I am very encouraged. I ran a hand grinder for a few seconds so it does all that. So, back to small engine basics.......