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Dialarc HF-P JB510879 HF works fine but no arc

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  • Dialarc HF-P JB510879 HF works fine but no arc

    I have had this welder for 20 years and it always did what I wanted it to do and have used it almost every day. Mostly I weld sheet steel (.075) to thicker steel (maybe up to 1/2 inch). I almost never weld aluminum but had a small job to do which was 3 one inch long welds. I got the first two welds done and then the welder blew the breaker. Once reset, I had HF but no arc. I am using an air cooled torch and have tried another to be sure it was not that. I"m not too bad at diagnosing electrical problems but in this case I don't know where to begin. I do have a service/technical manual on the way but being impatient, I would like to have this running before it gets here. I do use the welder almost every day.

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    When you say blew the breaker is it the wall breaker or the breaker on front panel. I would look at both of the blade switch's first .


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      It was the wall breaker not either one on the machine


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        Did the breaker blow when you tried to strike an arc.


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          Does the main contactor energize if so i would check the main rectifier the 4 diodes on the aluminum heat sinks.


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            Thank you Weld Dr! The manual finally came in and it didn't help anywhere near as much as you did. It was one of the diodes shorted to ground so I replaced all four and am back up and running.