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Miller 251 hlp 004 code

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  • Miller 251 hlp 004 code

    Having problems with the miller 251, it displays hlp 004 on the front of the box and I’ve pulled the wire out of the box and out of the whip. I even pulled the liner out of the whip as well. Don’t know where to go from here. Any suggestions?

    the story on how this happened was that the whip got under a trailer frame that i was building. when I set the trailer down on the floor the whip was under the trailer frame. We lifted the trailer frame back up by hand and pulled the whip out from under it. Then set the frame back on the ground. After we moved the whip from under the trailer the machine automatically started to weld by its self, then it displayed hlp 004. We messed with it for a little bit but couldn’t figure it out. I went and got my miller 220 to fish the job. I would like to get this fixed if I can. My dad called the local miller reps and they think it’s the control board and maybe a bad mig whip. So he decided to buy another welder but I don’t think it’s a control board as it has no burn marks on it.

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    Did you look at the manual?

    HL.P 004 − Gun trigger was engaged for approximately 2 minutes with no arc detected, or weld wire is stuck causing a direct short. If HL.P 004 occurs during power up, see Section 6-6.

    You probably crushed the whip, causing it to be like having the wire stuck to the work causing a short. I'd swap whips before doing anything else.


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      I agree with Bart it sounds like the trigger wires were crushed and are shorted. Check the whip control cable with an ohm meter.


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        We unplugged the whip from the machine and plugged in my whip from my miller multiprocess 220 just to see if it made a difference and it didn’t. I also opened the cover to see if anything was burned on the control board and couldn’t see anything on either side. I did get a little shock from the feed motor when we were taking the whip off.


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          Here’s an update on the welder. Pulled the steel spool out of the welder and cleaned off the ground post. Reinstalled the wire and it’s up and running again. Doing what it’s supposed to do.