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Aluminum Diesel Tank Repair

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  • Aluminum Diesel Tank Repair

    I’ve been tasked with repairing an aluminum diesel tank. I’m fine with aluminum welding, dirty ally as well my question is what concerns should I be aware of while welding a tank. I’ve heard varying opinions

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    Concerns would be explosion. Having said that I would tell you to search on this forum as it has been discussed many times. You will get varying opinions no matter where you search.

    What I personally do is empty the tank and weld it up using tig although I have done one with a mig spool gun a few years ago. Sometimes I weld up the leak, sometimes I plate over it and sometimes both. It's a judgement call. This is just what I do and not the way osha would want you to do it.

    If you don't feel comfortable with that than I would wash it out with Dawn dish soap until you feel it is clean. Rotate so leak is facing up and fill tank with water almost to leak and then weld.
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      Purge it with argon and have your exit somewhere other than where you’re welding. The argon will suppress the fumes. It’s a bit an uneasy feeling, but it’s done all the time. Bottom line is if you don’t feel comfortable doing it then don’t do it.