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Miller trailblazer welder won't idle down or weld

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  • Miller trailblazer welder won't idle down or weld

    I have a Miller 275 trailblazer Kohler engine it has been jump-started many times it started having an intermittent problem where it won't idle and when it won't idle it won't weld and then the next time you turn it on it will idle and it will wield I took your advice and change the circuit board after reading the forums and I still have the exact same problem do you have any ideas

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    Give the guys a model and serial number.


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      Serial number LG 032126 model is a trailblazer 275 DC


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        So I found out my issue and although this forum seems to have a lot of information. It is definitely worth it to just contact a Miller Technician. So I will give you their number at 1920-734-9821. These Technicians are very knowledgeable and worth contacting for any issues. It literally took the technician two minutes to figure out it was not a circuit board issue as everyone usually suggests, but rather a current transducer.


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          So, I know you probably thought I was a jerk on your other thread, but wow, what resolution!