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Trouble shoot start/run idle/weld switch

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  • Trouble shoot start/run idle/weld switch

    Hello, new to the forum. I recently purchased a used bobcat 250. It starts right up and welds but doesn’t idle down when the switch is on run/idle. Is there a way to troubleshoot that switch? Also if someone could tell me how many wires should be connected to the back of the hour meter/ fuel gauge? Thanks

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    Before troubleshooting the electrical, manually pull in the linkage attached to the solenoid on the carb, and see if that idles it down. If it pulls itself in when you start to move it, or the linkage is stiff or doesn't work, you have a (usually easy) mechanical issue.

    To answer questions about the wiring, we'll need the serial number of the machine, as there's a lot of changes over the years and we might be looking at the wrong one.


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      Serial # MF120563R.


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        Soon after I got the welder home, I looke into why it wouldn’t idle down. I found the idle solenoid wasn’t connected to the governor. I pulled the solenoid, cleaned the plunger up and reinstalled. Still wouldn’t idle down. I checked for continuity across solenoid, there is continuity. I ordered a new solenoid, it’ll be here this weekend. The owners manual says the hour meter also controls idle. It looks to me like there are 2 wires connected to the hour meter, on my machine only one of those wires was connected to the hour meter. I’m not sure which spot the second wire is supposed to plug into the back of the hour meter.


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          Apply 12V to your solenoid to test it; no reason to replace it if it's not bad.

          I'm not familiar with the idle/hour meter setup on that model (I've only worked on older ones with a separate idle board), and the owner's manual is remarkably useless, so I can't help with the wiring.