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    Hi all. Me and my trusty MM35 "white face" welder just trying to make our way along. I need to keep learning and the MM35 just keeps humming along. I bought it new in the late '70s and have used the heck out of it since. Just hobby and weekend warrior stuff, but it has served me well. It really is the best tool I ever bought.

    I replaced the cable and gun with a Tweco No. 2 years ago when they sold an adapter for it. I also added an electric gas solenoid at that time. I did want to ask if anyone knows of a source for replacement wire rollers?


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    Post a picture of the drive rolls please. I have a bunch of older miller and hobart drive rolls. I may be able to hook you up for shipping only
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      Welcome to Millerwelds FootSoldier!! What's your real name?


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        Welcome, FootSoldier. We like old machines around here and like to keep them going! Share some adventures you've had with it! Pics are gravy!

        Welcome, Amofred9. Your first post is just to ask someone else their real name? May I recommend you start an intro thread, and we get to know you instead?


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          Welcome to the forum, I hope you find the roller parts you need for it!
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            Definitely post a puc of the rollers. I thought they were the same as the MM200, which is the same as the rest of the larger Miller stuff.