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Wireless foot pedal with Maxstar

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  • Wireless foot pedal with Maxstar

    I have a Maxstar 200 STR at work that I primarily use for tig welding stainless. The company purchased a wireless footpedal as part of their 5S and safety audits to help clean up clutter. I was genuinely excited about this because i never thought they would drop the dime on this and i am really tired of the cable dance on larger projects.After having hooked everything up I quickly learn this will not work. Is there any modification that can be done to make this work or did they just throw $800 out the window? Thank for any advice or help.

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    they didn't throw 800 away. I'll give them 500 for it so they only lost 300


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      I had never seen or heard of a 200 STR before you asked. So, basically, it doesn't have a remote contactor circuit, which is what the wireless receiver that plugs into the remote socket uses for power. If you can't return it or sell it, and have someone electrically inclined, you could get it to work if you made a pigtail adapter that also connected to a walwart (think small power supply) that provided 10-35V DC to pin A reference pin D. If you can sell return it, that would be my recommendation, then call SSC controls, who have a wireless pedal that doesn't rely on power from the A pin on the Miller remote socket. I don't know if it's a standard stocked item, but the guys there can certainly get something for you. I don't work for them, just have had a lot of discussions with them on pedals...