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Dragged a welder home

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  • Dragged a welder home

    My father is getting up in years. I was over there the other day and loaded up my MM185 and TD Cutmaster 51. These were equipment that I had left over there for him to use over 10 years ago. I think they have been used once in that time. So I brought them back into the fold. I am enclosing one side of my shop where I have a shed roof 14' tall and concrete. I have a 2 post lift out there and will wire an outlet or two and plumb my compressed air as well.

    These two I am giving to my 16 year old son, and he can take them when he is ready to move out, but he can use them on his hod rod projects until then.

    The welder is the first piece of welding equipment I bought brand new!

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    Great looking set up for your son! He should get years of service out of that MM185.