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    Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
    The rounded edge is the factory. Most sheets are cut from bigger sheets so the square edge is the recut edge.
    Well I'm sure factory rounded edge plate exists somewhere.........but of all I've ever seen , handled and hauled when the Western US still had plate mills from US Steel in Provo , to Kaiser Fontana & Bethlehem and many in between I've never seen a rounded factory edge........"Not to say it doesn't exist"..but I've only seen square either via the manufacturing process or final gas burning.....these plates well vary in size from 96"x 240" and up to 480" in length for thickness's 1/2" +/- and down and are also available in 120" widths........3/4" up to 1" can still be had in 96" widths up to 240" length but the weight of each and handling all requires the right equipment...all the heavy plates over 1" are downsized from the above measurements , although anything in quantity can be special ordered. Mills do not cut anything to a finish size only the Service Centers engage in that...Likewise I've also hauled thousands of tons of Import plate off the docks and there standards are much the same... Click image for larger version

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      You are experienced people, please tell me how, apart from a portable analyzer, to determine the steel grade? I often buy metal from different people and I need to know its composition. Tell me there is some other option?
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        I weighed the pros and cons and decided to buy a new portable analyzer. This thing will be very useful to me both at home and at work. I supply metal, sometimes I take metal for the forge, and so on. A portable analyzer speeds up the analysis of metal by grade, sometimes it turned out that the metals were confused with each other and it took time to figure out what and where. I liked my old model of the portable analyzer, but I accidentally broke it. I went to and bought a newer and better model from the same company.
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          Ask them for test reports on what there selling.........and if they can't supply them go to a different supplier..........otherwise what your buying is just scrap remnants.


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            Originally posted by AlexCaffe View Post
            ...I often buy metal from different people and I need to know its composition...
            If you NEED to know, then you need to buy only from a trusted source that is reliable at telling you what it is.

            It also depends on why you need to know. If you are making rifle targets, you can take a sample and shoot it. From experience, you'll know how AR400, AR500, or common A36 will react.
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              Here is the mill edge of a 1/2in plate I bought and the sheared edge. A typical 48in wide x 96in long sheet would have the milled edge 96in and the seared edge 48in. First pic milled, second pic sheared. This is not the only way it comes but one example. As it is being rolled out. 48in wide it gets sheared to length, typically 96/120 or 144 long.
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