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Dynasty 350/400, 700/800 cover

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  • Dynasty 350/400, 700/800 cover

    I have brought this up before so I'm going to bring it up again. If anyone from Miller reads these we would like to have nice miller covers for our Bigger Dynasties. You offer a nice cover for just about everything else. I understand these machines were not aimed at individual owners or home hobbiest. Neither was a Synchrowave 350LX but yet there's a cover offered for it. We would like to keep our machines clean and looking good. Thanks
    Dynasty 400 Wireless
    Coolmate 3.5
    Synchrowave 350LX loaded with Sequencer on the cooler
    XMT350 CC/CV
    S74DX Feeder
    Optima Pulse Pendant
    30A spoolgun
    Neverlast 100 amp plasma with Hyper Duramax torch
    Avortec 280 mig
    Harris Old school 2 stage Oxy/Ace
    Victor flow meters
    Flametech Duel flowmeter
    Just a hilljack in the woods with fancy welding equipment
    and a pet Raccoon.