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Miller Pipe Pro 304 / S-74D wire Feed Combo Burn Back Issue

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  • Miller Pipe Pro 304 / S-74D wire Feed Combo Burn Back Issue

    I have a Miller Pipe Pro 304 and a S-75D wire feeder that I am trying to get to work together. I can get it to weld pretty nice but then it seems no matter what I do when I release the trigger it pops back and melts the tip. I've tried different wire feeds (150-250), voltages (19-24), dig settings.

    The setup is as follows: Gas 100% CO2, Wire .035 Lincoln L-56 (ER70S-6) Wire. All leads are new 1/0, new ends, Tweco MIG-600 ground clamp.

    The CP-302/S-75D combo works pretty well No such issue. Just doing test beads on some 1/4" A36 plate. Using wire feed speeds between 150 and 250 and trying to tweaking the voltage for a good arc.

    No matter what I have tried I can't get it to end without messing up the tip almost every time with the Pipe Pro.

    Any ideas?
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    Sounds like the wire is staying hot after you release the trigger. What mode are you in? You should be in MIG/REMOTE.
    I know a 74 will work but it's not designed to work on an engine drive.


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      Yes I'm using the "MIG/REMOTE" mode which the manual says the output of the welder is controlled by the remote. It does seem like it's staying hot. Maybe I can do some measuring with the meter (not welding) and see what it does.

      Oops- It's a S-75D feeder not 74.

      I called Miller and they gave me a few other ideas to try. Need to wait for a nicer day.
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