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  • Miller Diversion 180

    I'm a hobbyist/DIY and looking at a TIG welder for a couple projects. Mostly thin aluminum, 1/16 I doubt I'll do much 3/16. Not something I'm going to use frequently. Is the Diversion a good machine for this?
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    Only thing I know about that machine is it’s very limited in its capabilities. When you say “thin aluminum”, how thin are you talking? Take a look at the low end on that machine. Many times the lower rated machines don’t have good low end arc starts. For me, the best tool I have for thin aluminum, depending on how you define it, is being able to adjust the frequency of my AC arc. So if that machine allows you to adjust the frequency then it may get you by, but I would not buy a machine that maxes out at the thickest aluminum I think I’ll be doing but look for something that has at least a little left on the high end of amperage.


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      Due to its thermal conductivity and other issues, aluminum requires a LOT of oomph to weld. I would always err on the side of having "more than enough" heat rather than "barely enough." I suspect the Diversion 180 is gonna be at the low low low low low end of that spectrum.

      For aluminum, I would consider a used machine with more power (like 250A)...


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        For a couple projects with something you're not going to use much, you may be better off with one of the imports - AHP and Everlast seem to have generally good reviews. They have a bit better top and low end than the diversion, plus built in options Ryan mentioned. The other way is a bigger, older machine, but it's output will depend on the amperage you can pull from the panel/breaker, especially for AL Tig.