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  • Spectrum 875

    I am new to owning a plasma cutter and recently got a Spectrum 875.

    When my machine is powered on, I can hear lots of clicking noises while the machine is idle. It does indeed operate correctly, but when I put down the torch and not using it, sounds like all manner of relays or something clicking for seemingly no reason at all. Is that normal?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Clicking at roughly what frequency?


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      I contacted Miller and was helped by a VERY nice gentleman on the phone. I made a video of what I am seeing/hearing and forwarded it to them and I was told that what is occurring on this 875 is normal. Being that this is a brand new machine, one of their higher-end torches and Im new to owning a plasma cutter, I just want to make sure I dont have a unit that has a bug or issue that is going to get worse. It just never stops clicking and buzzing and seems to a lay person like me that something isnt right.

      Here is the video I made, any of you guys have a 875? Does yours do this all the time?

      Thanks again for any information anyone can share.


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        Completely normal