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Spoolmatic pin resistances

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  • Spoolmatic pin resistances

    Does anyone out there know the resistance between pins H and J on a newer spoolmatic spoolgun with a 10 pin plug?

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    Bart, I replied in the other thread too. The latest Spoolmatic manual electrical diagram doesn't show a connection to the J pin at all.


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      Yes, I know. I am going beyond what any of the manuals make note of. That’s why I need 6someone to test either a spoolmatic 15, 30 or a spoolmate 200. There actually is a connection to the J pin on most spool guns whether the manual says it or not. I am trying to find what that resistance is because that could be part of the identifying key.

      So just hoping someone out there has access to a multimeter to check out the resistance between h & j. If it is an open circuit, then I will need to find out what the resistance is between j and all the other pins, or if they also are open circuits.