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D-64M Wire Feeder With 17 And 14 Pin Connections Work Propperly With A Xmt 304?

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  • D-64M Wire Feeder With 17 And 14 Pin Connections Work Propperly With A Xmt 304?

    Hi everyone

    I'm thinking about buying a Miller D-64M wire feeder and it has a 17 pin and a 14 pin connection. My Xmt 304 CC/CV has the standard 14 pin connection and i was wondering if it will work ok on my welder?I really want to have use of all the pulse functions so is there anything I need to do to make the two of them compatable with each other? Is it a big job to make all the functions on the feeder work as normal when using it on my XMT? Do I need to change wires? or make up cables? or what are my options in order to have everything working as it should?
    I relise that there are two types of those feeders one with a 14 and 17 pin connection and the other has a 14 pin. The one with the 14 pin would probabbly be perfect for me but if I can make this one work I will be more than happy. Any advice on this I would really appreaciate it?
    Please get back to me with your thoughts and ideas guys.

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    Hopefully you're getting it for a good price. Also, please discuss with a Miller tech. I caveat all below
    below by saying have little experience with these 14/17-pin pulsers other than running an Optima 300 Pulser with my Thermal Arc 400 GMS. That said, it doesn't look like there is much difference hardware-wise between the early (14/17-pin) and late (14-pin ) D-74M feeders. The earlier power supplies (XMT 300, Arc Pak, etc) provided the voltage and amperage feedback, as well as the CV/CC and inductance feedback to the feeder through the 17-pin cable. The XMT 304 has all of these signals on the 14-pin remote connector.

    You should be able to solder all four leads on the 17-pin connector into the 14-pin remote plug. Just reference the early and late feeder manuals to see which lead goes where.

    Second thing, and you will definitely want to confirm with Miller, the early and late pulsing programs may be different because the peak output current is different between the XMT 300 and XMT 304. It's all based on feedback from actual current and voltage though, which is the same for both machines (1V feedback per 10V output, 1V feedback per 100 amp output).

    Hope this helps,


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      Hi Jon
      Thanks for getting back to me.That was the idea i had myself to solder in the cables into the 14 pin plug. Just figure out where they go and hook them up. I was thinking I could make up a 14 pin conection for the XMT that had the 2 cables going into it to power the feeder.I'm getting it for a $180 plus shipping to Ireland I don't know the price of the shipping yet I'm waiting on a price from the seller. If the price for shipping is to high I'm not going to buy it because I will have to pay duty on it when it lands in Ireland so it could make the total price to much. What would you say its worth?? I checked the serial number on it and it was made in 1998 so it's a pretty old feeder. I also know that the 60M feeder is meant to be a very good feeder and very advanced for it's time. It's hard to get feeders like that here in Ireland so im pretty sure that i will have to buy one from the USA which I don't mind doing as long as it isn't to expensive and it works.I also relise that it might end up costing me more to ship it than the actual cost of it. What kind of money do they run for those type of dual feeders??


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        I couldn't tell you how much it's worth, really depends on you more than markets here. I can tell you the Optima Pulsers for the XMT 304/350 have jumped way up in price in the US, a lot selling for $1500 (we used to find them for about $500). You could make a pigtail with a 97-3101a20-27S and 97-3101a20-29s that mates to the plugs from the feeder, and have two cables that go into a 97-3106a20-27P for your XMT. You may need to confirm the inserts are 20-29S for the 17-pin connector. It's been a while, but I am pretty sure that is the right one. Also,. it's definitely worth a call to Miller tech. If they're not too sure, there is a guy from who helped me through connecting my Thermal Arc to the Optima 300 Pulser.



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          Hi Jon
          Well there isn't really a market here for them so it's hard to compare it to anything. So the best option i can think of is to try get one for the cheapest price from the USA and hope it works ok. It doesn't bother me if it looks a little rough I can restore things like that really well and have them looking like new. I have a Optima Pulser I bought it from the USA last year I think I paid $510 for it. It works great and is like new. I haven't hooked it up to a feeder yet because I don't have one for it yet. I want to use the Optima Pulser for aluminum so I'll keep it on a feeder just for that I want to get a XR feeder. I want the dual feeder for doing other stuff and if I can mange it I'd be as well to get a feeder with pulse settings on it LOL!! I will manage to make up some sort of cables i appreaciate you replying and helping me out Jon Thank You very much!!!