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2006 Dynasty 300 DX, HEL P22 Can anyone identify this code?

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  • 2006 Dynasty 300 DX, HEL P22 Can anyone identify this code?

    HI, First time posting. Was finishing up a weld on AC about 220, water cooled torch, same set up I've used for 10 years and it starts short arcing and spitting. Checked settings, ground, have 220 VAC coming in. Switched to DC to see if it may be an AC only issue and on DC it acts like there is no ground. Short spark if I touch the tungsten to the ground. Then the machine locks up and gives me the HEL P22 on the display. Can someone tell me what that is, point me in the right direction? Thanks

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    Welcome--hope we can help. First thing needed is your serial number.....I picked a manual at random and it only showed help codes through HELP 12.


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      Thanks for responding. Just got the serial #LG370173L Stock #903841-01-1


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        It's worth calling Miller Tech. But since it's Saturday...
        Does it lock up and show Help 22 only on DCEN Tig? Have you tried it on dcep/stick? Only reason I ask is if it sputters on AC and doesn't work at all on dcen Tig, it could be an issue with the output inverter IGBTs (left side of the machine if you're looking at the panels, two big black modules and the board below them).
        I​​​​t may be worth cleaning out the connectors to and from the driver board, particularly the ones with twisted windings. You can also trace the twisted pair back up to the main board and clean that connector as well. I would also clean the ones on the black modules.


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          Thanks, Manual is a big help. My original manual does not have those codes, stops at 13 and half the last part of the table of con isn't like that at all.

          As far as the sputter, much better description of what it's doing LOL and and then on DC is just has that arc you would see if there is no ground hooked up. Really small like a electrostatic arc and buzzing.

          I will look at those connectors.

          Appreciate your time