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High Freq. interference from a/c alum tig welding.

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  • High Freq. interference from a/c alum tig welding.

    I am wanting to put a mini-shop in the basement for alum. high freq. welding only. I need to weld there because putting a shop behind the house is nearly impossible. The driveway is too narrow for a cement truck. Pumping it would add extra cost. No way for a truss truck to back in...too narrow.
    Can any one offer suggestions so I can have the mini-shop in the basement without messing up computer of phone memories? I should only weld when no devices are operating?
    Thank you. I want to add, I am the proud owner of a Miller 2E portable engine generator . I bought it in Aug of 1986. It is still a super machine. I do portable welding with it.
    All the best, Pete

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    I weld aluminum all the time with my fancy iPhone in my pocket and have never had any trouble. Only problem I have is I listen to talk radio most of the time and the HF pretty much scrambles my 1960s transistor radio while I’m welding.


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      My garage computer is about 3 feet from my welding table. HF and AC have had zero impact on them. I'd be more concerned about sparks burning your house down than interference. The computer plays music 24x7 and has all my technical manuals and spread sheets on it. It's been 3-4 different computers over the years and none have been impacted.


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        I have had no trouble with either computers or phones in my shop.


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          Just need good Grounding...