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.035 ER70S in a 25' gun, 4-roll feeder?

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  • .035 ER70S in a 25' gun, 4-roll feeder?

    Hi, I wasn't able to find any past threads, but I am looking for experiences/opinions on running .035 ER-70S through a 25' lead before I buy a Profax Platinum 400HD for what looks like a good deal. I am running it in a 4-drive roll feeder, so it shouldn't be much issue for the machine, just wondering if I will have birds nests or other buckling issues.

    Thank you,

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    My gut and past conversations with people tell me you will get birdnesting more than normal. My experience is about 5 minutes as I ended up with a feeder (4 rolls) with a 15 and a 25 ft gun. I tried it out to make sure it worked before putting up for sale. The 15' gun worked fine/normal, the 25' gun worked ok but I needed to pay more attention to it not having tight bends, making sure it was laid out. Never birdnested but you could notice the wire slowing. This was .035 bare wire using only two drive rolls. As you said the feeder will not be the problem. Again I have no real day to day shop experience with a 25' gun.
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      Better off to make the feeder mobile and use a 12 foot gun.


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        I appreciate the comments. I will probably stay away from it, or buy it and cut it down to a 15' and 10' for steel and aluminum. Should have said in the first post, cost is next to nothing for a brand new mig gun.