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  • Goldstar 452 questions

    Hello everyone, new to the forum here. I have a few questions regarding a gold star 452. I’m currently in the market for a dedicated shop power source, mostly for arc gouging and running a feeder. Ive came across a minty newer 452 for around $1000(no feeder). This is admittedly more machine than I currently need but I want something I won’t need to upgrade down the road. The problem being I only have room for possibly a 60 amp breaker in my panel right now and would need a phase converter to run the machine. Am I dreaming by thinking of being able to run one of these even at lower amperage with a 60 amp breaker? It’s worth noting that I have a Esab 235 right now that does most of what I run into and if I can’t power the gold star until I get a new shop (few years out) I wouldn’t be opposed to storing it for now.

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    Welcome, Josh. I don't know much about those big machines, but there are some here who do and they will probably be along. Will your new shop have 3-phase power? Arc gouging is a pretty demanding process, and I cannot imagine a 60 amp breaker supporting it, but I'm no expert. Let's see what the guys who know these things have to say.


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      Welcome to the forum, Josh. I’m not familiar with that machine either, but I just installed a 30hp rotary phase converter.....they ain’t cheap. To run a machine like that you’ll need a big one too, so I’d suggest taking a look at the prices of those converters before you paint yourself into a corner. You could take the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a RPC and add it to your welder budget.


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        It's a 3 phase machine to start off with and the reason industrial machines are not suited for shop use.
        You don't need a 450 amp machine. You are better off waiting for a single phase 300 amp machine. $1000 will get you a good one.


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          Thanks everyone. After doing some more research I think something in the Xmt line will suit my needs much better.


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            Used 3 ph machines are often very attractive at first because you can get a much bigger machine for such a low cost. That’s because most people can’t power them so their market value is diminished. You’re not the first guy to pop up here with this question or something similar. Fortunately you asked before you went out and spent your freedom bucks on it.