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High Frequency points maintenance ?

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  • High Frequency points maintenance ?

    Besides the gap adjustment any other maintenance required . I see some actually resurface in a lathe. Thanks

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    I've never needed to fix any, but from what I've seen, just adjusting and cleaning them up with a wire brush (some people dispute this), emery cloth (other people dispute this), fine sand paper (again...), nail file (and yet others...), or any other reasonable abrasive is all you need to do. Given how many opinions there are on how to do it right, and yet everyone ends up with a working welder in the end, I've concluded they're not actually picky about how they're cleaned.


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      I'd have to agree with Bushytails on this. Off the top of my head, I've cleaned (fine wire wheel) and gapped the points on 15 different TIG machines in the past year or so as I've bought, sold, traded and upgraded...and they've all worked perfectly afterwards. Generally speaking, the manuals say not to remove material (like grinding/filing) and just replace the points when none of the tungsten portion is left. Most of the points are cheap, so it's almost not worth worrying about. I've had a couple that were pretty heavily pitted and they still worked perfectly after a quick cleanup and gap.


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        Crocus cloth/emery paper... "If it ain't fixed, don't break it."


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          Just did mine yesterday using fine sandpaper and WD40, pushing down and keeping flat while sanding on my table, then wipe down with acetone, reinstall and gap..
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            Points are relatively cheap. Doesn't hurt to keep a set on hand??