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I Went To The Brick And Mortar Store Yesterday

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  • I Went To The Brick And Mortar Store Yesterday

    I’ve been saving for a Dynasty 200dx for two years but every time the piggy bank gets close to the mark something blows up around the house and it comes down to the kids or dad’s new welder. So the piggybank was finally overflowing the other day. I ordered a Dynasty 200dx along with a Coolmate 3 from B&R Wednesday before something else blew up and before the 5% price increase.

    I’ve tried to give my business to the local welding stores but everyone wants list and when I ask them if that is their best price they say yes, so I leave. Between state tax and the mark up I’m looking at over $500 more then if I ordered it online with free shipping.

    One time I walked into a store with the bosses big Mercedes parked out front and they wanted list too, I left. I usually go in the wife’s mini van just to see if it matters to Bubba behind the counter whether I’m driving a Ford 350 Power Stroke or not.

    Over the past two years I’ve been slowly acquiring accessories for the Dynasty. I bought a dual flowmeter for stainless steel welding:

    and the Weld Hugger for the backside of the stainless steel. (I never could get it to not carbonize on the backside like the instructor showed me a million times)

    At the welding school they had the Miller foot controls but I didn’t like having one foot six inches off the ground and one day I saw this foot control that seemed lower to the ground in the AWS magazine so I bought it:

    Last year I bought filler and tungsten from Tig Depot and early this year I bought a Piranha II tungsten grinder:

    I went to the AWS show this May in Dallas and one of the things I had on my list to see was the CK Worldwide Rotary Amperage Control:

    The CK folks were real nice and I like the built-in handle the best. I had decided this was going to be my hand torch all I now needed was a welder!

    Yesterday morning I called CK to see where I could purchase their TIG torches in the Dallas area. He told me of a store 35-minutes away but nothing is close in DFW anyways. I went to the store on the west side of the Trinity River in the shadow of downtown Dallas to order my TIG torches. I had decided I was going to also purchase two more torches, one pencil and one regular torch to use with the foot control. I had settled on the CK Worldwide 2 Series torches so I could use the parts interchangeably. I couldn’t figure out what the differences between the CK-20 and the CK-200 was or what parts I needed to make the Rotary Amperage Control work but not to matter the guy at the store would help me out. I had to get moving the new welder is on the way and I have no torches (the infamous plug demon is still to come).

    I walked into the welding store and sat down at the counter with a clean credit card in my wallet. I figured I was going to leave at least $750 on the counter by the time I left. I told Bubba what I wanted and he told me they didn’t carry CK Worldwide. I told him that is not what I was told on the phone from CK Worldwide themselves. He told me he would be right back he needed to check with Darrell and his other brother Darrell in the back. Bubba came back with a CK Worldwide product book and started fumbling through the pages looking for the Rotary Amperage Control. When he finally found it I had to show him how to look up the one for a Miller 14 pin 28-foot cord. I asked him what they mainly sold and Bubba said they only sold Weldcraft. As he stumbled along I got more frustrated and I finally told him “I needed to go back home and do some more research as to what I really needed.” Bubba quoted $215 for the Rotary Amp and last night I found it on the web for $145. Poor Bubba.

    Seven days a week I can get my PraxAir argon at Home Depot along with all the other major gases PraxAir sells. I see no reason to vist a brick and mortar welding store anymore. Three Miller Service Centers within a thirty minute drive can handle my warranty work.

    You Miller boys need to teach your brick and mortar stores how to compete in this day and time of the web based stores. Next on the list is a Plasma Cutter and a Millermatic 251 hummm I wonder where I’m going to buy those. With Monster Garage, American Chopper, American Hot Rod and all the other shows on Discovery Channel and TLC the welding stores had better learn to receive the home hobbyist. While I’m not a major customer when I’m all done I’ll have pumped over $5,000 into welding equipment. Money I’ll spend where the sales people are knowable, friendly, helpful and are willing to compete for my business.

    Tell the bosses to park their Mercedes’ around back!

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    Congratulations on your purchase. I have been dealing with Bob & his son at B&R for years, good people & good prices.It seems like everytime I stop by his shop I come home with a new toy. He is also an authorize Miller repair shop & parts distributor. He also carries alot of the accessorise for the Miller machines in stock. Have you look at the multi head tig torch that Weldcraft makes?


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      Congrats on the machine. I am also very sick and tired of the old "bricks and mortor" spiel from the local guys. I saved like 500 bucks on my dynasty last week. B&R was great.

      I am still trying to decide if I am going to need a cooler for it though.


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        Since you mentioned Dallas, I went to a shop in D and called a few more and when I got quoted list or list+ I made the grave mistake of saying I could get it for this on the internet, I've not gotten the "what did you say about my mother" look in quite some time but I did that day.

        Ordered my MM210 on the internet and it was delivered from a wharehouse in Ft Worth, got it the next day!!

        I love the Praxair thing at Home Depot, most HD employees don't even know that they have it!! Hey, it's the BIG CAGE NEXT TO THE BBQ PROPANE TANKS!!
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          Originally posted by classj
          Congrats on the machine. I am also very sick and tired of the old "bricks and mortor" spiel from the local guys. I saved like 500 bucks on my dynasty last week. B&R was great.

          I am still trying to decide if I am going to need a cooler for it though.

          When you put a water cooler with it you lose your portability of it. For the output and duty cycle of the Dynasty 200 a water cooler is a waste. If you had a Dynasty 300 and welding 200 amps and up and the duty cycles are longer it is recomended you have cooler & water cooled torch .


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            So far I havent found a need for it yet, I did some welding for about 15min on 1/8 steel today and the torch was still cool enough for my taste.


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              Originally posted by GARAGEGADGETS
              When you put a water cooler with it you lose your portability of it. For the output and duty cycle of the Dynasty 200 a water cooler is a waste. If you had a Dynasty 300 and welding 200 amps and up and the duty cycles are longer it is recomended you have cooler & water cooled torch .
              I disagree. Portability can be maintained and performance enhanced with increased operator comfort by adding the Cooler and water cooled torch.

              I tigged aluminum on the road using a 75% helium/25%argon shield with a D200DX, Coolmate 4. and a #20 Diamond Back water cooled torch powered from a Trailblazer 301G for over a year. I never found portability to be a problem.

              On the other hand the D200DX and a #9 air cooled torch will go in the trunk or back seat and is as easy to set up as a vacation suitcase. However, 1/4 al weldments and helium are best left alone with the lighter duty air cooled set ups.


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                although I am by no means an expert I have put some time on my 200dx already. (after i get these things i wonder how I did without them). Anyway I think the machine could benefit greatly from a water cooler which i dont have yet. Anything over 100 amps and i start to burn my hand that holds the torch, after i have been welding for a few minutes and thats with gloves on. As far as portability goes I can still grab the air cooled and go on the road if i have to.
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                  My DX 200 has a cooler & I agree 100 percent with Hawk.
                  The Hawkster has even worked out a system of quick disconnects to enhance the mobility of the system.

                  I really like the system I have, I just want the quick disconnect set up.
                  Next on the list


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                    Dallas area Brick and Mortar

                    I searched for many weeks for a Trailblazer 302, and every time I called or walked in to a Store that sold Miller I was quoted List or List Plus. Come on stop the madness.

                    I was quoted list + at a large Miller outfit on Industrial Avenue and when the bubba behind the counter simply looked in his book and turned around and quoted me $6,000.00 for a TB302 I laughed right in his face. Turned and walked out the store.

                    Stop waisting my time.

                    By the way Home Depot now sales Lincoln Rangers ?????
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                      I took the advice that I got here and printed off a page from ebay, carried it into my local dealer and said, "Beat this price and I'll buy it". He matched the price, but I bought local and he discounts my supplies and gas so it payed off in the long run.
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                        By the way Home Depot now sales Lincoln Rangers ?????[/QUOTE]

                        Several Home Depot stores are selling a large line of the Lincoln engine drives.


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                          One of my "brick and mortars" quoted a price only $70.00 more than the best online price for a D200. I didn't even argue. Its well worth that much to have someone to throw it at if it breaks. When they thought I was bummed out by the hand control I bought from them (which I wasn't) they brought a miller rep to show me some tricks. I didn't need the help but it was nice they came with it anyway. Good luck with gas at Home D**p***t.
                          At the one in my town, if I wanted argon on a sunday it would probably be faster to wait till monday and have bubba bring it to me. I waited over a half an hour at Home Depot one time for one of their smockmonkeys to get done blabbing and get me one caster (I already had 3 in my hand). I'm happy to go to three locally owned hardware stores to avoid that place. If you need warranty service on those red things they sell, would you have to interact with people at Home Depot? I couldn't get a 2X4 at my home depot in under an hour I'm sure. Pack lunch and dinner if you want warranty service. Praise to all the good local suppliers and I hope the internet and home depot run all the bad ones out of business.


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                            Last week before I ordered my dyn I went to a couple stores with the ad from BR and cyberweld and told them that if they could get within 100 bucks of the cost of the machine I would pay the tax and buy from them. Both of them were 350 more plus tax. They werent happy to say the least.

                            Then after I ordered the machine from BR, I went back to the one store (a pretty large outfit) to look at carts to get ideas, get a tank, consumables, and a bunch of other stuff and the guy acted like such a A$$ when I asked him something I walked out. There was no reason for him to act like that.

                            I ended up finding a completely new dealer later that day and got the stuff I needed. He was pleasant and hopfully all will go well with him in the future.

                            The problem is that while I always say to myself that eventually the dealers that treat people like crap will go out of business, they usually never do.


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                              I dont know why so many distributors are like that, I work for one and most of the time we can match internet prices but it gets real hard, we like to make at least 10% off welders and you get internet selling for 3-5% hard to stay in bussines at that margin. If your doing a job would you quote it that low at my store we sell most every brand made and if I dont stock it I will do everything I can to research and get it for a good price for my customers,I am a one man store and I treat all my customers the same like there my only customer,a good friend