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How much should I list my welders for?

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  • How much should I list my welders for?

    How much should I list my welders for? Have had them listed for quite some time with only a couple bites but no sale. Both come with all leads and foot pedal.

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    Well is the Deltaweld 3 phase? Depend who wants to buy and location...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Yes it is a 3 phase and Im in north central arkansas and nobody had even inquired about the Deltaweld 651. I have had a couple people inquire about the syncrowave 180 but still no sell.


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        Maybe better photos and also from several angles would help.
        West coast of Florida


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          Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              Are those any better? Is there something else I should be taking pictures of?


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                Someone a few days ago was posting about wanting a dual wire feeder You might try offering it to them directly.

                3-phase welders, as a rule, are worth less than you want them to be worth. If they sell at all, it's for pennies on their new cost. Hobbyists can't use 3-phase equipment, and real businesses don't buy random dirty stuff online. I turned down a dimension 652 that someone offered me, in much cleaner condition, for $400... because I knew I couldn't flip it for any more than that.

                The syncro setup is the most valuable thing there, but I can't really guess what one is worth in your area. To pick a random number, I'd say around $1200, but again, it depends on your area and how long you want to wait They're kinda falling out of favor for the new inverter machines, where you get more power in a unit you can carry around with one hand and plug into any random outlet.


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                  I have it listed for 1200 obo and had somebody wanting to drive five hours to come pick it up. I agreed to 800 for all you see in the pictures. If i list it for 900 would that be too much. He didnt pick it up because he couldnt adjust the ac balance control he said he couldnt use it for what he needed.


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                    How much should I offer to sell the duel wire feeder for? I dont weld. I got them as payment but i have seen them work.


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                      Human trafficking is not a joke, but when its applied to some old crusty welders. Well, you get the joke.


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                        I dont mean to make light of the situation Stephanie. I read the title and it struck me.
                        I'm sorry for whatever happened to cause the sale of the equipment.


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                          I would start by wiping the crud off and straightening the dents if you can, then taking some pictures.

                          I couldn’t imagine paying that kind of money for a syncrowave 180. It might be worth that much, but not to me.

                          To sell used 3ph gear, as has been mentioned, is tough. A used equipment dealer might buy it from you, but not for very much because they have to make some money too. You’re not likely to sell it to a welding of fab shop. I’d think you’re best bet for a customer would be something like a dump truck outfit that needs bigger equipment. I say that because they generally employ diesel mechanics that don’t necessarily like to weld, but do weld when they need to. Even then you’ll have to do some leg work. But you never know.

                          Not only does your location matter, but how long do you want to sit on the equipment matters too.


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                            I would definitely take a few minutes and give them a quick cleanup....Simple Green and shop towels will work wonders. Then, stage the pictures so that the cables and accessories are sort of orderly so folks can see as much as possible. That way they don't have to wonder if there is a work clamp, or flow meter hiding in the pile...that sort of thing. I would add a picture of the serial number and data plate showing input voltage (sometimes they are in the same spot). People who are serious may want to look at the manual online and know up front what sort of power is required.


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                              Ryan beat me to it. I was thinking construction company for the deltaweld and feeder. If you don't sell the feeder by itself then package deal with the deltaweld for a price probably only a little more than the feeder is worth. These used to be the hot ticket for fab shops but as was mentioned out of date in todays market. The longer you sit on it the less valuable it will become. Very limited market. The syncro is a homeowner, hobbiest machine. Maybe a motorcycle or auto shop that wants to mess around with tig. It looks complete. Do some research to make sure it is complete and market it so. Unless someone can try it first then the price goes down a bunch. In NJ you could probably get $1000 for the syncro if they can test it first.
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