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Airco 300: problem with foot pedal disabled

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  • Airco 300: problem with foot pedal disabled

    Hi all. I have an airco 300 heli-welder. Crosses with a Miller 330 A/B

    I went to weld something today that was too far away for the foot pedal to reach, so I turned the remote amperage control off and the remote contactor control off. I went to weld but the gas wouldn't come on. I tried powering off and on; the timer is set for 10 seconds. The gas comes on for 10 seconds when I power on, but then the timer runs down and it shuts off.

    It works perfectly with the foot pedal enabled.

    I suspect I have it configured wrong. When not using the pedal, what's the correct settings to keep the gas on as long as it's powered?

    Thanks in advance . . .

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    I haven't used one, but looking at the (somewhat convoluted) wiring diagram, I think that's normal behavior. They probably figure that if you're not using the foot pedal, you're doing stick, and don't want the gas on. You could make a little jumper plug to make it think the foot pedal is always on, extend the leads on your pedal to be as long as your torch setup, hack in a "gas on" switch, or connect the torch gas line straight to your regulator.


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      I inherited this machine; it used to belong to a friend. I used it for years in his shop, and I could swear I'd used it in this mode previously. But I just re-read the manual. In section 21 (TIG), and the following flowchart, it seems pretty clear that they expect you to use remote contactor control.

      I'm not sure I'm following the wiring diagram. I see GS1, the gas valve, but I don't understand exactly how it's controlled. However, looking at the HF start part of the circuit, that also looks like they're expecting you to use remote contactor control.

      So I've probably mis-remembered. It sounds like I should just extend the leads on my foot pedal. I've got about 30 feet on the welding leads, but only about 15 on the pedal, which makes no sense.



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        You can use a torch control too. Or come straight off the argon cylinder with a valved torch. Or get a lift truck and move the machine closer to your work. Or move whatever it is you’re welding closer to the machine.