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Spool Gun for XMT 350

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  • Spool Gun for XMT 350

    Sorry for the uneducated question, but I am very new to real-people welders. Apologies to my old Handler 120.

    I bought a new (to me) XMT 350 CC/CV and I would like to learn to weld aluminum, which means a spool gun. I have heard of people using a 3035 spoolmate with a SGA 100C, or a 30a spoolmate with a WC-24, but is there any way to know what will or wont work? I will be buying second hand stuff so I would like to be able to be able to tell how it will work with my welder just by the specs, so what am I looking for?


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    Hi Jordan, I would recommend the 30A and WC-24, which is a solid spoolgun setup and direct plug in to your XMT-350. You could get the 3035 with an SGA-100 (no need for the separate contactor with a XMT-350), but you would need to modify the plugs (possibly wiring if your XMT-350 doesn't have an auxiliary 115V electrical outlet) and still have something you'd want to upgrade.


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      I have had both and run them both off my xmt304. The 15/30a is the much better choice. Higher duty cycle, easier to get contact tips, etc. It is pretty easy to melt down the 3035 welding aluminum, it is just too high amp welding process.


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        Thanks! 30A it is! I appreciate y'all for the help


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          I have the 30A, when running it off my older 14 pin machines I have to use WC-24, the new mig doesnt require the WC-24