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Miller Syncrowave 250 - I desperately need help!

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  • Miller Syncrowave 250 - I desperately need help!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated here. I have a Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG welder (old pre-LED model 903056) that I purchased new around 30 years ago.
    It always served me well, but for about a year now I just can't get a descent weld, it is like all my welds are contaminated and pitted like a complete novice. It may be a wrong observation, but it seems like the heat is only attacking the very top surface of the metal, and when I press harder on the footpedal to increase the amperage it does melt the steel deeper but violently bubbles & oxidizes immediately.

    I replaced the Argon cylinder about 3 months ago hoping it was somehow bad gas, but that didn't help. A few weeks ago I opened the welder case and blew out the dust, and I wiggled all connectors just to be sure everything was making good contact, that didn't help. The last thing I did was replace the hose/cable and that didn't help either.

    FYI, I use .020", .040", and 1/16" tungsten (mostly .040"), I use 50-75amps, and i usually weld small pieces of steel or sheetmetal.

    Do these welders truly wear out? Anyone have suggestions for me?

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    I am disinclined to assume the machine itself is causing that. Try stick welding with it and see what happens. Try tig welding on AC and see what happens.

    Change your torch if you can and see what happens.


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      Polarity and shielding gas are my top guesses.

      Is there a way that the gas path is somehow sucking in air?


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        30 years ago the torch leads were plastic. Replace them all.


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          That certainly sounds like some sort of gas issue. Assuming the bottle of gas itself isn't bad (unlikely given two different bottles) it can really only be a handful of things....the flow meter, the hose to the solenoid/valve, the hose to the torch, the torch/consumables and the connections in between. If it came on suddenly I'd almost suspect the flow meter first..doesn't take much wrong there to cause a problem.


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            Are you checking flow at the torch? Seems like bad shielding gas.


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              Yep, sounds like a shielding gas issue. Is there gas coming out when you touch the pedal?