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Millermatic 200 CR1 chattering

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    yes--separate jumpers is correct. May be hard to find a 2-pole breaker, but I would think some searching would turn one up. Should be able to go with a cross ref from the orig part number on the existing breaker. I would NOT run the wire feed motor much without protection--I'm guessing if that get toasted your welder is junk--not obtainable any more.


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      Definitely agree....i just want to quick run it for a second and make sure it does run without chattering once its all connected.

      I found a genuine exact miller part for $45 bucks on ebay... ill scoop that up!!!

      i think we got it fixed tho...thanks so much for the help!!


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        Wow--that's a great find. Easy fix; no searching and adapting something that "almost" fits.

        Glad you got it going--and without breaking the bank. Great outcome, glad to be able to help.


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          Yeah great find! That seller also has a pair of XMT 304 IGBT modules for something like $60 and the gate drive PCBs for around$20./


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            When i see a machine that the owner just purchased and has never seen it operate I question who's hands were in it before I got it.
            The most common chattering relay is someone wired the ice cube wrong and it's lacking full voltage. That would be my first step before I
            start throwing parts at it. Track down every wire to that relay and be 100% sure it's wired right.


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              He found the trouble before buying the relay--the circuit breaker was not conducting current properly and dropping the voltage to the relay. He was only getting 13 volts downstream from the breaker. Temporarily bypassed the CB with a piece of wire on the 24v feed to the CR1 and the chattering stopped.

              But, you make a very good point--when someone has done rewiring in a machine, suspect that first!