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Miller Bobcat sparking recrifier

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  • Miller Bobcat sparking recrifier

    I finally have my Bobcat 225G (Onan) running/welding like it should but when I tried to mount the regulator/rectifier back in the engine cover it started making sparks from the rectifier housing. I don’t remember removing any type of insulator from it when removing the cover. I’ve tried two different rectifiers and they both do it. I have to keep it from touching the engine or covers to stop the sparking.

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    The voltage regulator should be solidly grounded to the engine, not insulated. It's sparking because it's not making good contact. Try scraping off the paint and brushing any rust around the mounting screw. If you have to, add a jumper from the regulator to the battery negative.


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      Thank you for the information.


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        Shouldn't spark at all. I've replaced dozens of them with the battery connected and never seen a spark. I question the stator. If you finally get it hooked up, check to see if it charges the battery