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how do I weld inside corner on sheet metal

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  • how do I weld inside corner on sheet metal

    Hey, I’m new to this site. But if you guys could help, that would be great. I was trying to weld the inside corner of some 16 gauge steel with a 3/32 6013 rod, and I couldn’t figure out how to keep the weld in the corner. It was only wanting to weld to one of the sheets. And just to give you an idea of my skill level, I’m pretty new to welding but I can make consistently decent beads and have never had this issue with thicker materials. Thanks

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    Try using a little rod manipulation to control where your puddle goes.


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      Originally posted by jab317 View Post
      ...It was only wanting to weld to one of the sheets...
      Let me guess, the one with the work clamp attached to it? Try laying another piece of steel across them with some surface area to get them both electrically bonded to the work clamp better.


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        Awesome, thanks guys. That helped


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          If you find that your puddle seems to be favoring one side over the other, chances are, the side it favors is the "short" side where heat builds up faster. Try focussing more of your heat on the other (usually longer) piece. For example, in a "T" joint, usually the weld will "favor" the piece where you're melting an edge, rather than the piece where you're creating a puddle in the middle of the piece. When you're melting an edge, the heat has only one direction to escape, but when you're trying to create a puddle in the middle of a piece, the heat has two directions to escape, so it takes more heat to create a puddle there. Aim more of your heat toward the piece that seems to be taking longer to melt.