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    Hi all, I am a newbie to this forum. I have what I hope is a simple question. I have an xmt 300 cc/cv. I am hooking up a Lincoln LN-8 feeder. The feeder has a relay that closes when the gun trigger is pushed. There are a set of dry contacts in the relay to be used for signaling the welder to power on. I am thinking that those dry contacts should be connected to pins H and D of the 17 pin plug. Before I actually connect them and possibly fry my machine, I was hoping for some verification or correction. Thank you, Al K.

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    Suggest you be a lot more specific in the subject line of the thread. You'll attract the guys that know how those machines work or have one to check for you.


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      Hi, yes H and D are your contact closure on the 17-pin remote socket. Just curious though why you're not using the 14-pin receptacle. It has the 115VAC power between pins I and G to power your LN-8, as well as the contact closure (A and B or I and J). Are you running a separate power cord from a 115V outlet?


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        Thank you for the response.
        Yes it has a separate 115v cord.
        So H,D on the 17 pin, and A-b or I-J all do the same thing.
        No real reason to use the 17 pin other than I have that plug and not the 14Pin.

        Al K.


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          Al, yes they all serve as a contact closure. I haven't worked on a XMT 300 in a long time, but the Thermal Arc 400 units (LM 300 too) actually used relays on the control board energized by those contact closures. I think the 300 was the same, and it wasn't until the 304 that became a solid state switch.