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Lincoln 7018AC-rsp on DC

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  • Lincoln 7018AC-rsp on DC

    New to welding and bought a multimatic 215. Run 7018 and 6010 on a bobcat 250 at work so I went to home depot and bought some 6011 and 7018 to practice some vertical at home. Noticed the 7018 seemed to be running hot and not nearly as smooth as it does on the bobcat. I've been really dissapointed and finally noticed it says 7018AC on the box. After doing some research, these seem mostly an AC rod, however can also do DC. Has anyone ran these DC? It seemed like I had to run 70 amps to do vertical up. I'm excited to grab some 7018 excaliburs and see how they run on the 215.

    1/8 rod on 3/16 steel DCEP by the way.

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    I have only used 7018 AC on AC...Bob
    Bob Wright