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Miller Dynasty 300 DX at auction

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  • Miller Dynasty 300 DX at auction

    Local auction has a Miller Dynasty 300 DX. Someone has cut the cord and there are no leads. The cover is just sitting on top. I know it is broken. My question is if I buy it for under 50.00 am I throwing money away or is it worth it to try and fix it?

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    Can you inspect it to make sure it hasn't been gutted? If it has been gutted, stay away from it.

    Repairs can range from about $5 to $5000... However, a broken but complete machine is always worth a couple hundred. Heck, if you get it for $50, and it's complete, I'll give you $150. :P


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      The biggest issue with those over the XMTs or older Dynasty DXs is the user controls (mode, frequency, etc.) are all in software. So if the front panel circuit board is bad, you would need a replacement board or build your own. The other boards are repairable or replaceable, and most all of the components are on eBay or available new old stock from online sellers.


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        Under $50, I'd buy it no questions asked.


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          Well it went for 220.00 so I passed. Looking at it again I could see it had a big dent in the side . It may have been dropped.