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New XMT 350 with Arc reach

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  • New XMT 350 with Arc reach

    So, we have this arc reach technology, its still just a voltage sensing feeder RIGHT ? If I were to purchase the XMT 350 with arc reach technology, will my RC feeders work off this new machine or is it designed for just VS feeders.

    I do have to say, back in the old days trying to run a VS feeder off my Miller big 40 was a disaster and never worked, however running the S-32 VS feeder off my Trail Blazer was way better and the new X-Tream 8VS seems even better.
    So this is kinda a 2 part question
    #1 If I buy the new XMT 350 with Arc Reach, can I still run my RC feeders.

    #2 Is the new Arc reach feeder even better than my X-Tream 8VS aside from being able to adjust my voltage at the feeder, will I notice a difference in the arc response ( Assuming I bought a new Trail Blazer with Arc Reach also.)

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    The arc reach power sources still have a 14-pin connector, and all 14-pin accessories should work on them, including wire feeders. The converse is also true - if you get an arc reach feeder, you can use it with non-arc-reach power sources, and it will work just like any other vs feeder. I don't think the new feeders are likely to weld any different than the older version, but I haven't used one to compare.


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      Thanks Bushy tail, I'm surprised the old 304's are more repairable !!! Is Cruiser on here anymore ?