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Failed product: Diversion 180, Board: 244389

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  • Failed product: Diversion 180, Board: 244389

    Long time listener first time caller. I have a Diversion 180 That has failed, sounded like fire works going off in the welder. Found two fried igbt’s and a few fried resistors. Those parts are relatively cheap in comparison to a new board. However I need help identifying the component on the board u1. Seen in the image. If anyone has a Diversion 180 and could help me out by identifying that component that would be greatly appreciated!
    Pcb: 244389-smp f

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    Man, I hope that's all it needs. I can't get a close enough view in the pic to tell, and don't have that machine to look inside. I'm always worried there's something I CAN'T see that is the real problem and is what took out the components I can see.


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      At 2400 Canadian for a new board it might be worth the 50$ risk of trying to fix it. I just wish I knew what exactly this last component is.


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        The board is $1825 US and a brand new machine is $2300 US? Dang.


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          Did you call Miller tech with the board assembly number and code number?