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Miller multimatic 215 Not Working

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  • Miller multimatic 215 Not Working

    Hello everyone, I'm just a hobbyist and learning to weld. I have the multimatic 215 welder almost 3 years and there are no issues until this weekend. I turn on the welder and it warm up normally and when I went to weld, it made two sparks and doesn't do anything after that. I unplug and plug it into another outlet (welder is set up to use 120volts). Turn on the welder and it would make one click sound and no fan running during warm up. All the blue led lights up and you cannot select or press any of the buttons. There is a message above the display saying "Input Voltage 118V". I've try resetting the white button at the back and nothing. Please help. Thank You

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    Serial number ?? if it is less then 3 years old it would be a warranty repair.


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      Yes it’ll be 3 years in November. Here’s my serial #MH431101N.


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        Purchase date 11/14/17 take it in for repair.