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Used (broken) Syncrowave 250 PCI board

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  • Used (broken) Syncrowave 250 PCI board

    I've got an old control board out of my 1993 Sycrowave 250 that was removed when it was about three years old because of a burnt out remote amperage circuit. Otherwise in excellent condition ... visually it only has a burned out resistor, although I have no idea the cause. Anyway .... is it worth putting this up for sale? Has some kind of service kit with it that has various caps, resistors and wires/connectors not sure what that is for, no part number on the Miller bag.
    Any idea if it's worth trying to sell? Estimates on the value? It's part number 138307

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    Sorry I have no knowledge if it's worth anything. My opinion, I would think a used circuit board that has an issue would not be in demand.
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      I know a new one cost about $1500, to repair one about $300-600, so the "core" charge is quite hefty.


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        Originally posted by dataway View Post
        I know a new one cost about $1500, to repair one about $300-600, so the "core" charge is quite hefty.
        They're down to about $900 new, but it's an updated number.


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          Yep, I think the replacement board in mine was a 139XXX number. Pretty sure I burned mine out with a bad Miller finger tip remote. Hate to chuck the thing ... it's probably just a $300 repair to make it work for someone.