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    I have a bobcat 225 with the 16 hp Onan , I had been converted to run on propane. I’m wanting to switch it back to gasoline. What all is needed to do this , I know I will have to change carb. Does it use a fuel pump? Where is the best place to get the parts I need? Thanks in advance

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    You'll need a gasoline carb and a fuel pump. They were available with either a crankcase vacuum fuel pump or an electric fuel pump. You can pick up both vacuum and generic 1/4" electric fuel pumps for cheap on ebay, but you probably want a genuine carb. The parts manual for the motor (not the welder) should give a part number for the carb. I don't think there's any other adjustments or changes needed, but you might want to look at the manual for the engine to make sure.

    If you don't want to keep it, I might give you a few bucks for the propane parts. My neighbor has a propane onan rv generator that needs a pressure regulator that he was asking me if I could poke at...


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      This one has ran flawlessly for years, it has got to when you start it , it runs on one cyl for a minute and then it picks up the other. It seems to load up after running , it starts dieing down till it eventually quits. That’s my reason for thinking of switching to gas


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        Have you checked your spark plugs, plug wires, and valve lash adjustment?

        It's probably a bad regulator, but it's worth checking the common maintenance items first, since they can also do that, especially overly tight valves.