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  • xmt prepower check igbt

    I am trying to do the prepower check on some xmt 350s and I am unfamiliar with what they are looking for me to do with the igbt testing (circled in picture). Also I only have a multimeter so any help would be appreciated

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    Those are additional tests you can perform if you have an IGBT tester. You can make a simple one with a 9v battery an LED, and a couple resistors.


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      Thanks for reply.. Ok thats what I thought I would need a ibgt tester but was hoping I could get away with using something else. Well guess I'll be getting a igbt tester bc I have 8 of these to work through.
      Is it simply enough you could tell me how to do a test once I have a igbt tester?


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        Is a cheap tester like this something that would be able to do the job?


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          The service manual for the Hypertherm 85 has a section on testing the IGBT
          using the Hypertherm tester as well as a home made one.

          The schematic f0r the home made tester is included.
          Pages 5-12 thru 5-16.

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