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Millermatic 350 standalone push/pull

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  • Millermatic 350 standalone push/pull

    What options do I have for a stand alone push/pull setup for the Millermatic 350? I know a spoolmatic 15/30 plops into the 10 pin and that would work, but what if I didn't want to deal with those goofy little spools on the back of the gun and I didn't want to yank the gun off the main feeder each time?

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    Plop one of these on it.
    Bob Wright


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      I had something similar for my Powerwave 355, using a Cobramatic feeder. I ended up selling the Cobramatic because:
      1. No longer "synergic" - it was kind of synergic, I set the wire speed on the Lincoln feeder, then found the Cobramatic setting that was close. But I did lose run in, hot start, crater. Not a big deal for me because I picked up the PW355 to fix it, not expand production. I lost pulse on pulse capability, which was kind of a bummer, but again, it wasn't my reason for picking up the system.
      2. The feeder control still needed to monitor the motor (speed sensor on mine, could be it just monitors motor voltage and current on yours), so I had to disconnect the drive rolls and run the standard feed motor to get it to work.

      The PowerWave 355 posed more problems because it wasn't until the 355M (later upgrade) that Lincoln made it spoolgun compatible and I ultimately found an Abicor-Binzel controller to work with a XR-15W as push pull and tweaked a separate Powerfeed 10 user interface to run it as a Spoolgun when needed. Both still support all of the start, end, and special waveform functions. Fortunately for you though, you have a plug and play solution that Bob linked above. You could go down a similar road I did and trick the MM350P into thinking it's running a 30A instead of a separate feeder, but you may not be happy in the end with how much time you had to put into it.

      One other thing to consider. The XR Bob linked is easily converted to Spoolgun when you need it. It's a little more expensive to go the other way (30A to XR) because of the power pin adapter block and conduit. There are other ways to do it, but probably not as good depending on how your use.