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What 300A Miller Welder to Buy

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    Originally posted by jjohn76 View Post
    If I remember right, the Dialarc can do AC SMAW up to something like 310 amps, DC SMAW to 250A, but the AC Tig was a bit lower (arc rectification or something like that). Are you running a sub-panel and what amperage is your circuit? The units with PFC require about 2/3 the amperage on the top end, but have a higher idle current (reactive, so no power cost, only hotter wires and breakers). This Aircrafter 330ST with PFC (105uF total across the PFC caps) pulls 24A at idle, which isn't bad compared to what I have heard of other machines (~60A idle). It's supposed to pull 92A on 230V at 300A SMAW, but I don't plan to see it. I have never ran beyond a 5/32" electrode, how big of an electrode are you planning to run?
    The standard Dialarc 250 is 265A DC, but the Dialarc 250HF is higher at 310A.