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Thunderbolt 225 AC serial number

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  • Thunderbolt 225 AC serial number

    Does anyone know where the serial number is supposed to be on the the Thunderbolt 225 AC ? Ive looked all over the welder and cant find it. It does have a style number of HD-1 on the front name plate. thanks in advance !!!!

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    I don't know, but I think Ryan Jones has one just like that and probably knows where the number is. He should see your post before too long.


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      I am not sure and only guessing. Some Miller welders also have a tag on the inside of the machine with the serial number printed on it. To find out, you will have to remove the outer cover/skin to look around on the inside for such a possible tag.
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        Those machines are broken out by style number on Miller's site rather than serial number. It's a bit confusing because they show them as serial numbers, but when you open the manual it's actually a style number. You want to look at the Thunderbolt 225V model and it appears yours matches the first manual listed.


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          Sure enough, G-man. Interesting. Learn something new every day. Thanks for explaining that.


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            Yup. Mine is just like that and just has the HD-1.

            What are you trying to do with the serial number anyway?

            Being as old as it and as much as we don’t do maintenance on our gear, it would be worth popping the crank handle off and pulling the lid so you can blow it out and grease the shunt. I recently did that to mine and I’m pretty sure it was the original grease in there.