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Can Arcreach Suitcase 12 be used with XMT304 CC/CV

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  • Can Arcreach Suitcase 12 be used with XMT304 CC/CV

    I got a good deal on a Arcreach 12, I am looking at a good deal on a XMT304 CC/CV. Can that combo work together? Is the XMT304 a good unit? I have purchased different sizes of rollers (.023, .030, .035 and .045) already, matching tips but my Miller Big 40 is not a CV and neither is my 330A/BP so now I am looking for a good power source for the garage/shop work which is more hobby than anything else.I want to get this going for a few projects that I have. Will be running 240V power at the source.

    Can the Miller XMT 350 VS be used with the ARCREACH 12?
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    It will weld great with either the 304 CC/CV or the 350 VS, but you won't get the remote control features. If you can live with walking over to the power source to adjust the weld voltage, like you would with any typical voltage-sensing feeder, either would be a great combo. If you plan to add a remote in the future, note the 350 VS lacks the 14 pin plug every other miller product has.


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      You can use it with any power source, but you only get the Arc Reach features with an Arc Reach compatible power source. I use the XMT 304 daily and it is a **** fine machine. I imagine an XMT350 would even better.