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  • Bobcat 225/260 Questions

    well hello good folks!!

    so i am trying to start a business and i am applying for grants etc.
    not sure what i will get or how much i will get but im laying out a plan..
    so i have a miller 211 and a hypertherm powermax 30.
    ill plan on getting a gas powered compressor and im looking into the bobcat series.
    so will the bobcat power the miller 211 and or the hypertherm powermax 30?
    i know it will power some grinders etc. just kind of trying to figure out a few things an do some research..

    but if everything works out ill be able to go and do some things mobile
    if i have the funds and am approved ill prob just get the bobcat new you never know what your getting
    when you get something used like that just my thoughts

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    The BOBCAT will power the PowerMax 30 AIR for sure.
    Don't know about the 211. You will need to look at your machines input requirements.
    If your PowerMax 30 is not the 30 AIR model, you will also need to power an air compressor and for that, I dont believe the BOBCAT can generate that much power.

    Good luck


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      Not recommended for the 211. They aren't designed for it. They make suitcase attachments for that purpose